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Whole.  New.  Mom.

That’s me up there in the funny green car with the men in my life.

My name is Adrienne and I am the voice behind Whole New Mom.


– a writer.
– a researcher (sometimes I research way.too.much a lot.)
– whole food and healthy minded
willing to admit when I am wrong.
– a real mom. Dealing with real health issues. Struggling to balance it all.)

What I Write About:

Whole Food that is special diet friendly: My recipes are all sugar free and adaptable to dairy free, egg free, and gluten free diets.  Gradually I am incorporating grain free recipes as well and you might expect to see autoimmune recipes coming too.  Sorta glad about that.  Sorta not.

Healthy, Non-Toxic Living: stuff like personal care, home care, etc. that is free of all the chemical ickiness that really makes me (and the whole world) sick.  Got sensitivities?  This is the place for you.  Don’t have ‘em?  This is still the place for you.  ‘Cause there are 82,000 chemicals being used in the U.S. alone.  Ick!

Check out my posts on Amazing No Streak Glass Cleaner, Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid and The Battle of the DIY Eye Makeup Removers – and The Winner for a taste of these kinds of things.

Health topics: toxins, GMOs, vaccines, autism, food allergies, special diets, essential oils – kind of “you name it”.  If it’s in the health news, I probably have something to say about it–I just might not have time to blog about it :-).

- Frugal, Simple, and Sustainable Living:  That means doing things quickly and without a lot of money or waste.  My Easiest Coconut Milk is a great example of this.

All through my life I’ve been interested in healthy and healthy living.  I was Pre-Med in college, but decided against it since I thought someday I might want a family and knew it would be hard to do both the way I wanted to.

We know that we should eat healthy food, care for our bodies, care for the earth, love our families (which includes our fellow man if you happen to not be married or have children), impact our world, and do it all on a budget and within the 24 hours that God has given us. 

Tough assignment, especially for us perfectionists :-).

The reason why I started Whole New Mom is to share with others some of the things that I have learned along this bumpy road of life.

A Little Bit About Me:

– My husband is an English professor and we homeschool.

– Our oldest was born at home in Illinois.

– We lived in Oklahoma for a brief period and now reside in Western Michigan.  We had a different course planned for our lives, one that didn’t include life-threatening food allergies, autism, or adrenal burnout.  But then, we aren’t the ones in control of our lives.

– I have both the gift and weakness of second-guessing everything, as well as a diverse set of experience and interests that makes it hard for me to pin myself down.  You’ll see that diversity in my writing.  For example:

– I worked in the financial industry for 10 years including a stint on an equity options trading floor as well as work in employee benefits.  Ask me sometime about my nickname “the hammer.”

– Our first child was born at home and I am a strong advocate for natural parenting and breastfeeding.

– One of my sons has life-threatening food allergies as well as Asperger’s Syndrome.

– Our family of 3 lived on an income of 12,500 for 1 year while my husband was finishing his PhD and we still made it through 2 master’s and a doctorate without debt.  Ask me sometime about our “ghetto food” and frugal date nights :-).

– I worked as a tentmaking missionary in Japan for 1 year and served in parachurch ministry throughout college.  Interestingly enough, my husband taught in China for 2 years at the college level.  We both sang with black gospel choirs in college.  And LOVED it.

– I was pre-med in college, but I am not a doctor.  Remember that as you read my posts, please :-).

– I don’t say this to brag, but only to share that I am not an “intellectual slouch”.  I went to one of the top universities in the country and was near the top of my class.  Phi Beta Kappa.  That either means I fooled a lot of people or that I have a little bit on the ball intellectually.  I mainly write this because some folks accuse me of not being interested in real research (check out the comments on that post) or even have gone so far to say that I am an idiot.

I don’t appreciate that–let’s talk civilly, folks :).

So, if you put all of the above into one person and add a lot of other things, you come out with the person behind this blog.

Moving Forward:

I forgot to mention one thing.  I also am a reforming (emphasis on the “ing”) Type A personality.

All my life I have pushed myself to do more, get straight A’s, exercise enough, cook the right way, be with my kids enough, be involved at church enough, have a solid family life.  You too?

One thing that has never been perfect about me is having a neat house.  But that’s probably because I am usually too busy with other things :-).  I am thinking about starting a Messy Mom’s Club at our church.  If you clean before having friends over –you are kicked out :-).

But somewhere after Asperger’s and before today, I crashed into the world of adrenal burnout.  And now I am coming out.

We’ve been down many medical roads en route to better health.  Our current pitstop (and hopefully we are near the end) is Nutritional Balancing to reverse heavy metal toxicity and toxin overload.

So this blog may not be as busy as some others, simply because I need to stay healthy and sane.

I will probably feel guilty about it sometimes, but that too I am working on.  When I go a few days without a post, you will know why.  I am simply trying to take care of myself and not neglect my family.

The Car in the Photo

Oh…and the funny car up there?  The car is part of our life too.  The mascots from our favorite local ice hockey team drive around in it before each home game.  See why we’re so happy to be sitting in it?  We got to go on a “backstage tour” of sorts of the hockey rink and this was part of the “tour”.

According to my son, life without hockey would be–well–pretty rough.

Nice to Meet You.  Hope to see you around more and more!


  1. You are a very interesting person and an excellent writer, or perhaps because you are an excellent writer, you are able to sound interesting. :-) I look forward to returning to read often.

  2. Wow! I like you! Seems we have a lot in common. I’m enjoying your site! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. <3

  3. Hi my name is Carol. I would like to purchase Immune Strength to apply to my daughter’s warts. I have looked at this for so long I am now confused. Can it be applied directly or does it need to be mixed with something first? If you have to mix it with something how do you go about that? What is needed?

  4. Britney Hortin says:

    My name is Britney Hortin and I love your blog! I have some exciting information that you would be interested in hearing. Please hear me out! I know you probably get hit up a lot from different essential oil companies, but there is a new company launching next month that is going to change the essential oil industry. Please e-mail me so I can get you more information.

  5. Hi Adrienne
    I have a question for you could you please email me :) thank you!!

  6. Hi Adrienne,
    My name is Sue and I think that I have been tired for most of my adult life. For many years I suffered from depression and anxiety. I always told my doctors that I was depressed because I was so tired but they insisted that I was tired because I was depressed. But I am a fighter so I continued to work for a major oil company for over 25 years. Suddenly, I was falling asleep while driving to work, becoming sick every time I ate and about ready to have a nervous breakdown. I finally found a good Dr. In San Francisco who is helping me a lot but I always revert to my old ways because I hate to cook. I am about to crash again so I need to draw the line in the sand. I love your site. I usually steer clear of the fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue sites because they are usually depressing so your’ sis a breath of fresh air. Everything you are saying is true so keep up the good work.

  7. Wendy Everett says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    I read all your oil posts AND the comments and I am exhausted! :) YOU are amazing and if someone reads everything, your character speaks for itself. Period. Thank you for your courage, common sense, kindness and what must be a very generous spirit to put up with all those comments. Since you now have my total respect, I am poking around the rest of your site. :) I apologize if I just haven’t found it yet, (I’m a little weary after all the oil comments – ha!) but what are you doing now instead of the Nutritional Balancing?
    Best of health to you and yours… inner and outer (and it sounds like you have the inner part down!)
    – Wendy

  8. Hi Adrienne
    I came to your site via your article on stevia. Thank you for such a well written and researched piece! You seem like a research perfectionist after my own heart. I think it’s the one place where channeling that part of our personality is ok :)

  9. Rosie Zummo says:

    Hi Adrienne: I just started buying essential oils, I love using them. I started with a sore throat the other day, and my friend who I purchased the Lemon Essential Oil from, told me to make a hot cup of decaffeinated tea, put some local honey (Florida) and add a few drops of my lemon essential oil. I went to bed, and the next morning I was feeling good, no more sore throat. It works for me. Rosie

  10. Wow! Great website or is it a blog?. I read all what I came across when I stumbled on your website. For the past year one of my close friends who has a 2 year old down syndrome child has been trying to get me to use essential oils from YL..I finally went to two of their presentations in the past few weeks and was thinking I will just join just to get the information( which they seemed to have because the presenter was a Ph.D in Cell Biology!) and sample the oils! Today( actually yesterday because it is still night of Friday!) I did could not go to work since I had dental surgery I decided to go to YL website and look at it more closely before I call up my friend in the morning to tell her I want to join YL . I thank the LORD that when I googled for YL I saw the name of the article about essential oil Theives of which I had heard a lot from the YL presenter. I opened your site and I read all the posts. Now I as soon as I finish this letter I am going to check out NAN. I think I signed up for your blogs- never done blogs before but I guess it is never too late to learn about it.
    Another reason I am so happy to have found you is that I was re-reading Jordan Rubin’s book the Great Physicians RX for Health and Fitness and for some unknown reason sent his websites biblicalhealthinstitute.com and greatphysiciansrx.com to many friends. Later in the night I decided to get on those websites and found that looks like something bad happened to them! Then I looked at one of the websites listed in the book for supplements mercola.com ( I was looking for supplements to improve vision) and after adding products to the cart I was unable to move it into check out. So I checked out of the website all together. Then I went searching for YL ( for same reason, possible good vision products) and saw whole new mom.com and about YL. So I decided to check your site first and ended up reading all the the comments of so many people. I am not much of a web browser. But I hope to be back to this site for more information..

  11. Do you receive any endorsement for recommending NAN? If you have disclosed on your site and I haven’t seen it mea culpa

  12. I am anxious to try your recipe CHOCOLATE COOKIES but would like to know if I use PURE RAW HONEY would they taste as D’lish as your receipe? Thanx, Ms.Helen

  13. Hello Adrienne,
    I have enjoyed wholeewmom a great deal with all of your homemade money savers and easy to make on-hand staples. I have made several of your recipes including the powdered sugar substitute many times. However I have been looking for a brown sugar substitute that I can afford or even make here at home and seem to be getting no where. I find that brown sugar substitutes (BSS) are extremely expensive that is if you can find one. I have checked the Internet and cannot find one that I am willing to spend $20.00 a pound for and would love to be able to make one myself.. Got any ideas? What do you think about putting a few drops of molasses in some Truvia? I haven’t tried it yet. Just curious about your take on it.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon,

    • HI there. Good question! I saw a few options on the internet – adding about 1 T brown sugar to a 1 cup of alternative sweetener so try that perhaps? Some say to add an extract of choice. Hope that helps!

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