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Whole.  New.  Mom.

That’s me up there in the funny green car with the men in my life.

My name is Adrienne and I am the voice behind Whole New Mom.


– a writer.
– a researcher (sometimes I research way.too.much a lot.)
– whole food and healthy minded
willing to admit when I am wrong.
– a real mom. Dealing with real health issues. Struggling to balance it all.)

What I Write About:

Whole Food that is special diet friendly: My recipes are all sugar free and adaptable to dairy free, egg free, and gluten free diets.  Gradually I am incorporating grain free recipes as well and you might expect to see autoimmune recipes coming too.  Sorta glad about that.  Sorta not.

Healthy, Non-Toxic Living: stuff like personal care, home care, etc. that is free of all the chemical ickiness that really makes me (and the whole world) sick.  Got sensitivities?  This is the place for you.  Don’t have ’em?  This is still the place for you.  ‘Cause there are 82,000 chemicals being used in the U.S. alone.  Ick!

Check out my posts on Amazing No Streak Glass Cleaner, Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid and The Battle of the DIY Eye Makeup Removers – and The Winner for a taste of these kinds of things.

Health topics: toxins, GMOs, vaccines, autism, food allergies, special diets, essential oils – kind of “you name it”.  If it’s in the health news, I probably have something to say about it–I just might not have time to blog about it :-).

Frugal, Simple, and Sustainable Living:  That means doing things quickly and without a lot of money or waste.  My Easiest Coconut Milk is a great example of this.

All through my life I’ve been interested in healthy and healthy living.  I was Pre-Med in college, but decided against it since I thought someday I might want a family and knew it would be hard to do both the way I wanted to.

We know that we should eat healthy food, care for our bodies, care for the earth, love our families (which includes our fellow man if you happen to not be married or have children), impact our world, and do it all on a budget and within the 24 hours that God has given us. 

Tough assignment, especially for us perfectionists :-).

The reason why I started Whole New Mom is to share with others some of the things that I have learned along this bumpy road of life.

A Little Bit About Me:

– My husband is an English professor and we homeschool.

– Our oldest was born at home in Illinois.

– We lived in Oklahoma for a brief period and now reside in Western Michigan.  We had a different course planned for our lives, one that didn’t include life-threatening food allergies, autism, or adrenal burnout.  But then, we aren’t the ones in control of our lives.

– I have both the gift and weakness of second-guessing everything, as well as a diverse set of experience and interests that makes it hard for me to pin myself down.  You’ll see that diversity in my writing.  For example:

– I worked in the financial industry for 10 years including a stint on an equity options trading floor as well as work in employee benefits.  Ask me sometime about my nickname “the hammer.”

– Our first child was born at home and I am a strong advocate for natural parenting and breastfeeding.

– One of my sons has life-threatening food allergies as well as Asperger’s Syndrome.

– Our family of 3 lived on an income of 12,500 for 1 year while my husband was finishing his PhD and we still made it through 2 master’s and a doctorate without debt.  Ask me sometime about our “ghetto food” and frugal date nights :-).

– I worked as a tentmaking missionary in Japan for 1 year and served in parachurch ministry throughout college.  Interestingly enough, my husband taught in China for 2 years at the college level.  We both sang with black gospel choirs in college.  And LOVED it.

– I was pre-med in college, but I am not a doctor.  Remember that as you read my posts, please :-).

– I don’t say this to brag, but only to share that I am not an “intellectual slouch”.  I went to one of the top universities in the country and was near the top of my class.  Phi Beta Kappa.  That either means I fooled a lot of people or that I have a little bit on the ball intellectually.  I mainly write this because some folks accuse me of not being interested in real research (check out the comments on that post) or even have gone so far to say that I am an idiot.

I don’t appreciate that–let’s talk civilly, folks :).

So, if you put all of the above into one person and add a lot of other things, you come out with the person behind this blog.

Moving Forward:

I forgot to mention one thing.  I also am a reforming (emphasis on the “ing”) Type A personality.

All my life I have pushed myself to do more, get straight A’s, exercise enough, cook the right way, be with my kids enough, be involved at church enough, have a solid family life.  You too?

One thing that has never been perfect about me is having a neat house.  But that’s probably because I am usually too busy with other things :-).  I am thinking about starting a Messy Mom’s Club at our church.  If you clean before having friends over –you are kicked out :-).

But somewhere after Asperger’s and before today, I crashed into the world of adrenal burnout.  And now I am coming out.

We’ve been down many medical roads en route to better health.  Our current pitstop (and hopefully we are near the end) is Nutritional Balancing to reverse heavy metal toxicity and toxin overload.

So this blog may not be as busy as some others, simply because I need to stay healthy and sane.

I will probably feel guilty about it sometimes, but that too I am working on.  When I go a few days without a post, you will know why.  I am simply trying to take care of myself and not neglect my family.

The Car in the Photo

Oh…and the funny car up there?  The car is part of our life too.  The mascots from our favorite local ice hockey team drive around in it before each home game.  See why we’re so happy to be sitting in it?  We got to go on a “backstage tour” of sorts of the hockey rink and this was part of the “tour”.

According to my son, life without hockey would be–well–pretty rough.

Nice to Meet You.  Hope to see you around more and more!


  1. I have read your comments top to bottom and was wondering about a diffuser? Not seeing comments about this. Also how often is your research updated? I find the site very informative and interesting. I am doing research for my family use and am new. I have read lots of sites but I really like this one.

    • Hi Joyce, thanks again for your kind words. I try to write at least 1-2 times weekly. It’s hard right now but hoping to do more. I have another oils blend recipe coming. Your compliment means a lot.

  2. I appreciate the recipes you share, thank you. Have you ever considered using date syrup for a sweetener? Date syrup is 100% natural and can be made at home. We eliminated white and brown sugar completely and use date syrup exclusively and have really enjoyed the health benefits. I tried your recipe for carob chips and used carob, butter (I didn’t have the fat called-for in your recipe) and date syrup – that’s all, and it turned out great! Date syrup tastes yummy and contains nutrients so I think it is a win-win. :-)

  3. Dr. Deborah @ PeriodCrampsRelief.com says:

    Just found your blog today, and I’m in love! Wish I could tell you what the heck I clicked on to get here, but the trail is already cold. Anyway, glad to have stumbled by – you have a lot of good information here. Will start recommending your site to my patients to read for more information shifting to a natural lifestyle.

    Many blessings,
    Deborah Epstein, ND

  4. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog as well….interesting similarities as I am from IL & met & married my husband in MI & raised our 4 sons there. Now live in northern CA & am just selling our home in Okemos! I too have been a researcher of all things natural for over 20 yrs. & have done lots of comparisons & research of essential oils as well. The testing is very sophisticated, multi-level & ever evolving as synthetics become much better & more difficult to detect. I have studied the chemistry & followed the work of Dr. Robert Pappas for the last 2 yrs. You may want to contact him about the quality comparisons to see which ones truly come out on top.

  5. Hello, Adrienne,
    I also stumbled across your blog while researching essential oils, and I found it very interesting and thoughtful. As another RN way back said, when I was in college studying nursing in the early ’70’s, anything other than Western medicine was considered to be snake oil. I bought into that, so that throughout the years, when I was under huge amounts of stress, all I got from MD’s were prescriptions. Finally, after 30 years of being an RN in many different fields, my body gave out, and I had to retire due to disability. I was a perfectionist, too. Since then, I discovered that so-called alternative and complementary medicine was much more helpful than pills-although now I’m on medications I just can’t stop without a lot of damage. When my Chiropractor put me on an auto-immune diet and I lost 35 lbs and finally started feeling better, I was convinced.
    Now I’m interested and learning about aromatherapy and essential oils. I read your blogs. PLEASE LET ME KNOW what you think about Bulk Apothecary and it’s EO. That’s where I had purchased most of my essential oils. Is it a legitimate EO source?
    One other thing I have to say that I know is petty-I see many blogs about essential oils or natural products, entitled Mom this and Mom that, and Family this and that. I never could have kids, not that I truly wanted to. However, it’s not only mothers who want to look out for the health of themselves, or if married, both they and their spouse. I hope new bloggers will quit focusing on motherhood and remember that good health is meant for everyone!

  6. Adrienne,
    THANK YOU! Everything you have shared in this blog has been extremely helpful. I hope you and your
    family are healthy and happy. Your posts inspire, educate and make me feel like I am not alone.
    With gratitude and wishes for endless blessings,

  7. Hi Adrienne,

    I feel empathy for your health challenges. If I were you I would call Dr Lu’s Nourishing Life in Ann Arbor. and I would do an evaluation for you and your son. Dr Lu solved my drastic health challenge including chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout. If I were you I would make an appointment today and drive there for the appointment. You can tell them I referred you :): Jaclyn.


  8. Hi, my daughter saw your blog and told me about you. I have 2 huge plantarwort. and they can’t be operated on. I’m seeing a dermatologist for chemo injectionso monthly and then put an acid cream on my foot between appointments.
    My daughter after seeing your blog suggested using my own urine on my foot. I’m just wondering if I have to jus use my first urine in the morning or any urine of the day?

  9. Dianna Stewart says:

    I can’t tell you what this site means to me. I am so excited to have found it. Actually im not so sure i found it, im thinking the Good Lord is answering my prayers and guiding me to a better life. i am in 3rd stage c.k.d. and have quiet a few other physical ailments..I am 64 years old but am not ready to give up living,i love my family and enjoy them to much to quit now so with a little help from the Lord and a lot from this wonderful informative site I am going to give it all ive got to try and improve on my life style and my health…God Bless you and your loving family, sending prayerful blessings your way…..Your New Friend….Dianna.

  10. So exciting to find your blog! We live in Cville and are quite acquainted with UVA. : ) We also homeschool our children and came across folks selling EOs at a local homeschool convention. The seller (Queen Homeschool Supplies) said that in an independent test, their EOs were found to be superior. I do like their EOs, but they are terribly expensive, especially shipping. After purchasing them for awhile, I once again began the search for quality oils at perhaps at a cheaper price (at least for shipping). After much prayer, I stumbled upon your site! Thank you Lord! Bless you for being willing to share the knowledge the Lord has given you. I know how time consuming it is to research and find the best products for your family. It has been my passion for the past 10 years. I’m excited to look into the EO brands you recommend.

    • Oh how fun you are in Cville!! I’m so glad you found me. Lovely. I hope you like the oils from NAN / RMO if you try them. More posts to come!! Say hi to the “U” for me! I still have some good friends there. Some of the gals whom I lived with are still living there. Take care!

  11. Jodi Reinholt says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your blog following links in a Pinterest pin on EOs, and I found your series on the best essential oil very interesting. I use Eden’s Garden myself and have been very happy with them. For one, I sleep so much better now using their Good Night blend. I started pursuing chemical free living about a year ago and still in progress. What I am most interested in is if you have recovered from your adrenal burnout. I have chronic daily migraine, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and active Epstein Barr virus. I am being treated by an acupuncturist, including a regimine of herbs, but I am constantly looking for more information.

    I look forward to following your blog!


    • I won’t say that I am completely healed of everything that I was struggling with, but I am no longer feeling trapped in my home and that I can’t function most of the time. It was so horrible just feeling like I never wanted to go anywhere. Did you see my posts on the thyroid and heavy metals? I also think that the AIP diet can be a big help. Blessings and welcome!

  12. Hi, just read most of your blog on EO. Of course I just bought DoTERRA Frankincense for $75.00 from a friend. I’m thinking it is not from the first distillation….like peppermint. Oh well, live and learn. Thank you for all your research. I happened to find Native American Nutritionals before I found your blog. It’s very interesting to read both websites. I had two boys with life threatening allergies too. One became a type 1 diabetic before he turned 5 and the other one has a severe language disorder….I understand busy. I’m sure I do not have your IQ though-but I did the best I could!. I had my kids on an elimination diet for a while trying to help the learning issue and homeschooled some too. Life is a journey and I thank God that He walks with us daily. Godbless you and your family.

    • Hi there. Actually the “first distillation” issue doesn’t apply to oils other than basically ylang ylang and peppermint, but I hope you noticed that doTERRA’s Frankincense is a blend of the lower quality Frankincenses, while NAN / RMO has Sacred. They are trying to get the lower varieties in as they are more affordable.

      I’m not sure what my IQ is, but I did my fair share of watching TV when I was little and didn’t near take advantage of the educational opportunities that I had. Sigh. Blessings to you as well!

  13. Hi Adrienne,

    I’ve really appreciated your site. You just saved me about six months of research on essential oils. I am a nutritional balancing practitioner and I wanted to sell oils, but after some research (mostly reading all of your good info 😉 I’ve realized I’ll pass on that for now. Anyway, thanks for the hard work – it makes my job easier! Best of luck with all of your family’s health complications and hopefully you don’t have to sell the farm to get it worked out. Some day I would like to tally my endo-met bills – but I think I’m afraid of the number!

    • Hi there! Thanks for the kind words. So do you still do Endo-Met? I have some left over supps – wishing I knew what to do w/ them. Side note – I don’t know if this would appeal or not but I have had some natural practitioners join my Ava Anderson team. The products are top notch. http://wholenewmom.com/ava-anderson-non-toxic/

      We are moving fwd w/ treatments. Looking into homeopathy now. Very interesting.

  14. Leah Shindelman says:

    Hi Adrienne, I’m so blessed to find your blog! You remind me of myself in your obsession to research everything to find the healthiest solution and the best deal that benefits your family and your readers. I think you have a bit more perseverance than I. I’ve been frustrated trying to find skincare products that I’m not allergic to or that cause flare ups (contact dermatitis and rosacea.) I want to try you jojoba/rose water method. Is the Rose blend for $28/15ml the one I should use? That is what your link opens up on the Rocky Mountain site. Also, Which of their oils is closest to Thieves? thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into providing this information. I wish you success in finding the solutions for your families health issues.

  15. Loved reading your bio! Tent making!! Very cool! We share a lot of the same interests and values. So happy I found your blog 😀

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