Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Living Deals ~ Oct. 3, 2015

It's getting really cool here - I love the feeling of cool fall air, pulling out sweatshirts and cozy sweaters, and seeing the trees change colors. My mind fills with thoughts of pumpkin goodies, fires in the fireplace (well, we only have gas fireplaces here, but that's still nice), and blankets to snuggle up under. It means things are busier here, though.  Back to school busyness (for my ...Read The Full Post

No-Cook Pumpkin Chia Pudding – paleo, vegan, & low carb

If you're like me, finding healthy breakfast or healthy dessert recipes can be a bit tough. When I was younger, I would have dried cereal or cinnamon toast, for breakfast, but alas, those days are over now that we're eating whole foods that are gluten-free. Before we get into this fabulous recipe for Pumpkin Chia Pudding, some other great options that you might enjoy are Breakfast Cookies, ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & Healthy Living Deals ~ Sept. 26, 2015

Hi Lovely Readers, So glad to connect with you all again.  It's been a fascinating week. I traveled to another city (2 hours away) to meet with a scar tissue specialist about an achilles tendon issue that has been plaguing me.  Learning some very interesting things that I hope to share more about soon.  I'm considering attending a workshop in October on the "treatment" she recommended. ...Read The Full Post

Pumpkin Pie Spiced-Creamer – Dairy and Sugar Free

{I love pumpkin so much that I am happy to eat it in all its forms all year round.  We love these Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, Soft Pumpkin Cookies, and my Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice, and here's a grouping of Healthy Pumpkin Recipes if that isn't enough for you.  Today Tiffany from Don't Waste the Crumbs brings you a Dairy-Free Creamer that is the latest addition to our repertoire of yummy healthy ...Read The Full Post

DIY Essential Oil Blend for Hair Growth (& 10% off coupon code)

When I was in college, I never thought I would some day be writing about a DIY Essential Oils for Hair Growth Blend.  Some people referred to me as the "big hair girl."  I think some of it had to do with how I wore my hair, and also because I was temporarily addicted to perms. Thankfully, that "addiction" ended about 10 years ago. Since my "Big Hair Girl" Days, however, I have had some ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Living Deals ~ Sept. 19, 2015

Hi readers.  It's that time of the week again -- time for a load of Free Kindle Books and a bunch of great healthy living deals. From essential oils to natural non-toxic products to ceramic cookware, I hope you enjoy this great list. We had a crazy week -- the semester started for my husband and I had a few large deadlines, so sorry I've not shared any new posts.  I'm working on some new things ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Living Deals ~ Sept. 12, 2015

Hi readers! Hope this finds you all well. I'm in a flurry of activity here and am enjoying the cooler weather blowing through our neck of the woods.  Even though my oven and small convection oven are still broken, I am whipping up some grain-free and vegan Pumpkin Cookies so my son (who has recently gone on the GAPS diet) can have a little treat.  So I'm making them on the skillet because I just ...Read The Full Post

DIY Acne Cream aka Why I Wore Sunscreen At Night

Summer is basically over, but you won't find me putting my sunscreen away anytime soon.  Why?  Let me tell you. I've had problem skin on and off my whole life, with the worst bout being in my mid to late 20s.  I had acne so bad.  I tried all everything it seemed.  Things that I had bought in drugstores and off of informercials -- acne cream, topical antibiotics, Clearasil®, Sea Breeze®... ...Read The Full Post