Is Your Shampoo Making You Sick? Probably….

Shampoo Making You Sick Horiz

So you're trying to be healthy. You've tried going gluten-free, eating grain free, soaking your grains, soaking nuts and seeds, going sugar-free, or you've looked at heavy metals, and done work on your stress, thyroid, and adrenals. But have you thought about your shampoo and other hair care products and wondered about what haircare ingredients to avoid? Why should your shampoo be a ...Read The Full Post

Feeling Burned Out? Here’s Real Help

Are you in Burnout? Here are some great tips for adrenal health so you can feel better and start living the healthy life you so need.

{If you're like me, you're tired. Exhausted. Super busy. It could be more than just tired, though, and today we're talking burnout. Jedha Dening of Good Food Eating is here to tell us more and get us ready for real healing.} A number of years back I went through total burnout. At the time I was running my own massage and wellness center in town. We had a new house mortgage and commercial ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & Healthy Living Deals (Including 1 that Made Me Cry) – Mar 15, 2015

Bought - The Movie. The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, and Your Food

It's another weekend - and time for more healthy living deals. And there are some really good ones this week. - A Movie That Literally Made Me Cry (but I almost screamed too!) - A Great Deal on an Essential Oils Diffuser and Essential Oils from the companies that I love and recommend. - Free Kindle Books galore My life has continued to be more than a tad overwhelming, but I so hope to be ...Read The Full Post

12 Ways to Treat Indigestion – Naturally

Got tummy troubles? Try these Natural Indigestion Remedies. I've tried many of them myself and they really work!

Indigestion. If you've ever had the symptoms of indigestion, you know how uncomfortable they can be and how much you'd like to never have it again. Whether you've had belching, abdominal pain, nausea, an acidic taste in your mouth, or more, you for sure want to feel better and get relief. Today I am sharing with you some great ways to prevent indigestion, and also some natural indigestion ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Living Deals – Mar 3, 2015

Keto Diet Book - Martina Slajerova

Hi everyone.  Again, sorry for being a little scarce here. I'm working on getting myself back in gear, but it's taking awhile. I hope you can understand and I really appreciate your patience. I do have a few really good things I hope to have for you later this week or next--I really look forward to sharing those with you. For now, we interrupt this week to bring you a large assortment ...Read The Full Post

When Eating Healthy ISN’T Enough

So many people are eating healthy but still feel bad. That's because there's more to healthy living than food. Find out what else you should be focusing on here.

Have you ever felt this way--you make a ton of dietary changes, but you still. don't. feel. well. You've gone gluten-free, or even paleo, you've gone on a candida diet, and gone sugar-free, you're taking probiotics, but you're still sick. Hannah Hepworth is sharing with us some healthy living tips for When Eating Healthy Isn't Enough. Over the past 6 years I have struggled with a variety ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – Feb 14, 2015

The Magical Powers of Garlic

Hi Readers. Whoaaaa Nelly are we dealing with c-c-c-c-cold weather out here.  It's going down to -7 tonight and really it is just frigid. I walked outside last night and the inside of my nose froze immediately. Nothing quite like a frozen nose :).  I really do enjoy cold weather, but this is a little much. In any case, typically I send these savings posts out over the weekend, but we ...Read The Full Post

7 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Life

Want to have a healthy lifestyle? Heard about the dangers of plastics, non stick cookware, and chemicals? Here are 7 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins from your life.

It's a huge burden for our bodies to handle all of the toxins in our world today - in our air, water, and food, and I'm convinced that things like autism, food allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases and more are caused in part by toxicity. But what are we to do? Getting toxins out as much as possible is crucial, but it can be a daunting task. Today, Erin from Eat Real Stay Sane shows you some easy ...Read The Full Post